Privacy policy

Hi everyone,

Happy to see that you care for your privacy just like I do! For the international clients, service providers and service receivers, privacy rules are a challenge, since we don’t have global agreements on this. Research, Design and Development (READ) Consultancy is registered in The Netherlands (a very small but lovely country within the EU Region) and I will, therefore, abide by the GDPR. Luckily the GDPR is as strict as any other privacy regulation, so your data is safe with me.

In this policy, I will explain what I do with the personal data I collect, and how I secure your privacy to the extent of my abilities. 

Let’s start with the official privacy policy.

READ Consultant is an Individual Consultancy service of Neha Basnet, registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under the number 80021867.

What personal data do I collect, why, for how long and on what legal grounds?

READ Consultant Service receivers

The READ Consultant clients consists of people all around the world joining in to learn skill development trainings and development work related services from READ Consultant. When you sign up or register your profiles for the skill development training and development work related, I ask;

– your name,

– your email addresses

-house or organisation’s address

– your telephone numbers

– country where you are residing 

-and affiliated organisation

-bank account numbers

I might receive additional data that you send me voluntarily in a message through email, or contact form or via comments. I do not officially keep track of this data and I strongly advise you not to send and other personal information beside the one that are required and need to deliver the services to you.

The legal basis for this is called a contractual agreement between the service provider and service receiver. From my clients who sign up or register for the skills development training, I will also keep track of your registration and payment details. I need this to deliver the services and I will keep this information for my own tax administration which I am legally required to hold on to it for at least 5 years or more. 

If you send me your organisation’s info, program details and any other confidential files to get the services, I will correspond with you on how long you want me to keep your data in my folder. If you do not consent or ask me to keep your data, I will delete those information’s after the tax administration work is completed. However, the data and documents produced in process of service delivery and to reflect READ Consultant’s work that is published and shared in READ Consultant website, for future work application or online will remain for as long as the READ Consultant is in business. 

Who has access to your information?

The sole proprietor Neha Basnet, the face behind READ Consultant, will only have access to data that collected. Your information will be passed on to other parties when and to the extent that this is necessary for providing you the services. 

These parties are for instance:

–  the IT service providers parties that collect reviews, or supply hosting services.

-I am also obliged to share customer/client information with government authorities in the case of suspicious situations. I will not sell your personal information to third parties. I will not use your data for profiling.

READ Consultant respect your rights

When it comes to your personal data, READ Consultant respect your rights. You’re entitled to ask to edit your details, delete them completely, or restrict their usage. Let us know that you feel your privacy weighs more heavily than our interests. Although READ Consultant may not have a lot of data on you, it will, of course, abide by this GDPR obligation. READ Consultant does want to make sure it’s really you. That’s why asking for additional information becomes necessary to establish your identity. It is done only in situations when unclear requests or messages are received. You can file complaints about READ Consultant’s way of working with your personal data at the Dutch Privacy Authority, unfortunately, they do not have an English web form, but you can call or write your complaints in English. They will sort it out.

If you have questions or suggestions, please send me an email, with the subject PRIVACY, so I can get back to you soon. This privacy policy was last edited on the 8th of May 2020.

With love and gratitude, always,