About READ

My vision is to make our societies better, the ways that I could provide support to the societies by making it better is by supporting the organisations to achieve their mission. But, throughout this life journey I came across many opportunities to enhance my skills in different areas. Including gaining knowledge and skills in the development sectors, I too got hands data and research and others.

READ – Consultant opened with the vision to provide support and services to the society in large. READ stands for Research, Education and Development. My previous experience include consultancy works for many organisation in different capacities in Nepal and in the Netherlands, I can provide similar support to the organisation in areas, for example, in research and reporting, project evaluations and proposal writing.

I also write articles and blogs for Café Dissensus, an online scholarly magazine and have a WordPress blog about youth transitions and neoliberal policies. Apparently, I started this blog to record all my feelings, opinions, arguments and learnings throughout my PhD life trajectories. However, over the years it has become a blog for everything that I would like to express and communicate about any issues (personal or societal).

I have worked for more than 6 years in the development areas in different capacities. In recent positions I have been able to provide research works to a Human Rights focused organisation and supervise bachelor’s and Master students in their research track in the Netherlands. I am proud of where I am at this point of life, but I am also aware that much more needs to be done, and that could be either through research, education or developing program interventions for societal change.

As PhD student exploring and understanding the education and work dynamics for young people, I learned and realised societal issues on much broader perspective. It needs to be supported and solved from both ends: real life stories, data and intervention.